The Untold Truth Of Ozzy Osbourne

The Untold Truth Of Ozzy Osbourne

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It's hard to overstate Ozzy Osbourne's role in rock history. Ozzy made waves as the vocalist of Black Sabbath but he also changed the music world when he struck out on his own. The Prince of Darkness has many sides. Here's the untold truth of Ozzy Osbourne.

Everyone who watched The Osbournes remembers that the pioneering reality show tackled some pretty hard issues. During the course of the show, Ozzy's wife, Sharon, fought cancer and their children wrestled with addiction. As for the singer himself, at times he seemed like a nervous wreck balancing on the edge of a breakdown... and that's exactly what was going on.

Osbourne fully admits that the show was financially good for him but he underestimated the psychological effects of constantly having cameras following him around. The inability to relax left him breaking apart, and despite the fact that the "official" Ozzy Osbourne was a fairly clean-living, recovering alcoholic who regularly worked out, he secretly dealt with the pressure by getting high and drinking a case of beer every night. Both the singer and his wife estimate that Osbourne was stoned out of his mind for roughly 100 percent of the show's duration. As a result, the rock star still can't watch any episodes because his on-camera behavior absolutely gives away how wasted he was.

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