One Bedroom - Official Trailer

One Bedroom - Official Trailer

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A modern examination of black love from writer/director Darien Sills-Evans. Sills-Evans stars alongside Stephen Hill and Jade Johnson in ONE BEDROOM.

In One Bedroom, writer-director Darien Sills-Evans combines humor and drama to create a portrait of a relationship at the end of its journey. Set in a gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood, the whirlwind tale of Melissa and Nate's courtship is told through vivid flashbacks. Melissa and Nate have been through a lot together, but sometimes Black Love gets broken. One Bedroom: Love Means Never Having to Give Up Your Apartment.

Limited Theatrical begins: July 12, 2019
DVD/VOD Release: July 16, 2019

Cast: Darien Sills-Evans, Devin Nelson, Stephen Hill, Jade Johnson, DeAreisha Mack, Chester A. Sims II, Jon Laster, Amber Reauchean Evans

Directed by: Darien Sills-Evans
Written by: Darien Sills-Evans


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