Killer Night Shift - Official Trailer - MarVista Entertainment

Killer Night Shift - Official Trailer - MarVista Entertainment

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A pregnant woman is forced to bedrest with the aid of two home care nurses but one of them wants to steal her baby.

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Cast: Christie Burson, Johnny Pacar, Vanessa Reseland, Cynthia Evans

The last month of Tricia’s (Christie Burson) pregnancy seems routine, until she experiences a sudden complication right as her husband David (Johnny Pacar) takes an extended work trip. Tricia is forced to bedrest and hires a home care nurse, Irene (Vanessa Reseland), who has a less than desirable personality. Her overly friendly neighbor, Katy (Cynthia Evans), also offers to provide help with her maternity nursing background and the two caregivers clash immediately. Throwing suspicion on Irene’s stealing Tricia’s medication, Katy manipulates the circumstances to kill Irene, forcing Tricia into labor and stealing the baby to replace her unborn child with Tricia’s husband from many years ago.

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