MANHOLE [A ] - Down w/ Lynn Strait of Snot @ The Roxy 1995

MANHOLE [A ] - "Down" w/ Lynn Strait of Snot @ The Roxy 1995

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Extremely rare and sentimental footage of Manhole [└A ] featuring Tairrie B currently of the band My Ruin and filmed at The Roxy in Hollywood, California with special guest vocals from Lynn Strait [R.I.P.] formerly of the band Snot. This footage of Lynn singing 'Down' [which he sang on the 'All Is Not Well' album] has never been seen before and was filmed in 1995. An interesting side note is that this introduction spoken by Lynn on stage was sampled and used in the into to the tribute song for Lynn called "Rockstar" which was recorded in 2000 for the album 'A Prayer Under Pressure of Violent Anguish' by My Ruin. I am posting this video today because it is December, 11th, 2009. The 12th anniversary of Lynns death. In loving memory.

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They say that equality is for everyone...
black and white, rich and poor, male and female- yeah!
Bullshit and you can fuck that american dream
Livin in america I know what it means,
To be on welfare have no healthcare
Walk down the street and be scared
And unprepared for a system that's built on hate
And gives permission to rape
Discriminates against color while it wrecks
And dis-respects my sex
I ain't down!

Down for the system
That's why I resist them
Lied to and betrayed

Motherfuck the estblishment and all that it stands for
Censor and dismiss the media and demands for
Sexual commodities equality void
With anorexic images of bodies destroyed
From diets to pills to throwing up till it kills
Continual false definition of what sells
Ten pounds thinner a Miss America winner
But I ain't down
You can keep your motherfuckin crown!

Not down for the system
That's why I resist them
Lied to and betrayed

You've got to raise the critical questions
About their intentions
That you were taught to believe
Takin it from the system that's set up to decieve
Based on lies that were taught to you in school
Historys been polluted
They're treatin you like a...fool
If you think that they're playin it straight today
It's up to you to find out and make it your own way
Don't buy the lies they try to disguise
You say you wanna be down
You gotta tear it down!

So you say that you're politically minded
But you stay blinded
Lookin for the truth
Eyes closed, you can't find it
They keep decieving it
We keep believin it
But the way i'm seein it
Here's how i'm feelin it...
At suck at're fucked
At 8... you're a sucker at 7... a motherfucker
At're jacked at're straight wack
At 4 ...your a clown all the way to 1 and we're done.
Are ya down?

All Is Not Well
Noise Records 1996


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